Employment and Voluntary Positions at Nicholaston House

There are resident staff at Nicholaston House forming a small intentional Christian community. This number is augmented by full-time, part-time and casual staff. The work is also supported by a host of volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks, from maintenance and gardening to counselling and prayer ministry. They offer invaluable help, but Nicholaston also provides them with a caring and therapeutic environment, giving meaning and purpose to their lives as well as a place of fun and fellowship. Many have retired but want to continue useful lives and benefit from the therapy of work.


We are currently looking for people to join our team of non-residential volunteers.

Please get in touch for further information if you can commit to a regular day/morning/afternoon. We are particularly looking for people who can help with gardening, general maintenance, housekeeping, washing-up and administration.


No vacancies at present.